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Discover How Heat Pumps Save You Big Money

 Incredibly, an electric spa heating element is about 500% more expensive to operate than a heat pump.  Paying inflated electric bills can drain the enjoyment out of your spa very quickly.

 Fortunately, there is an effective, low cost solution.  An Evo Heat Force 5 heat pump gets the job done at a fraction of the operating cost as compared with conventional heaters.

 The Evo Heat Force 5 features…

  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Corrosion-Free Cabinet
  • Compact Design
  • 10amp Plug-In Connector
  • Ease of Use LED Knob Controller
  • Seasonal Heating or Cooling Cycle (8 – 40C)

Installation is completed within 1 hour, mounting the unit in an inconspicuous location.  For your convenience, the unit may be programmed to warm or cool your spa water before you are ready to use it.

 Hurry!  Evo Heat Force 5 Heat Pump $200 Cash-Back Offer


For a limited time only, trade in your conventional spa element heater and receive $200 cash-back to redeem on any product in our Archerfield store within a 12 month period.  Schedule the installation of an Evo Heat Force 5 heat pump and start to really relax in your spa knowing you are saving money on electricity.

 Trade In Your Old Spa for Cash

Most tired, old spas are simply uneconomical to repair.  Unlike new spas with their sophisticated features, vintage models with typically 6 jets are incapable of delivering a full body massage.  It is hardly worth the maintenance and expensive just to sit and soak in old spas that lack therapeutic advantages.

 Trading in your old, inefficient and electricity guzzling spa for a new smart one improves your total experience.  Feel like a million bucks again without the steady stream of bills to repeatedly fix a worn out spa.

 Upgrading could not be easier.  We do it in 3 simple steps

 1.    Assess your spa and calculate your trade-in price

2.    Arrange for old spa removal

3.    Deliver and install your new spa

 Contact Us and discover how easy it is to start enjoying the pleasure of owning a new, quality spa for less money than you think.

Spa Cover Lifters Do the Heavy Work

 After feeling great from your spa session, the last thing you need is the back breaking chore of lifting a heavy cover onto your spa.  If you’re tired of asking for help to get the job done, we have some good news.  Purchase a Spa Cover Lifter.

 Here’s how it works.  A metal structure supports the cover keeping it off the ground.  Moving it from the structure to the spa can be performed easily by an average adult without assistance.

 They are a normally stocked product in our Archerfield store for only $189.

 Spazzaz Spa Crystals for Muscle Therapy Stress Relief

 Scientifically formulated Spazzaz Spa Crystals relax muscles and reduce stress.  They are available in a range of scents such as strawberry, champagne and verbena lime.

 Spazzaz Spa Crystals are completely safe for any spa.  They are guaranteed not to clog filters, motors or jets.  pH level and water chemistry are unaffected by their use.

 Enhance your spa experience from an extensive range of aromas in stock now.

 Lithium and Nature2 Join Forces to Destroy Bacteria

 Nature2 Spa disperses silver and zinc ions into your spa to destroy bacteria, maintain water quality and soften water, making it healthy and safe.  By combining it with a lithium purifier (chlorine concentrate), purification of spa water is maximised keeping it clean and sparkling.

 Customers are often amazed how easy lithium is to use.  Dose a couple times weekly without any strong, over powering scent.  Try our combination package offer of Nature 2 and lithium (1kg) for $79 (RRP $100) while supplies last.

 Finance Options

 Brisbane Spa Repair is pleased to announce the availability of finance options with Certegy and Once Finance for our customers.  Purchase and finance any of our spas with convenient and affordable payment plans starting from $45 per week.  Enjoy fast approval with a 96% applicant acceptance rate.

 Certegy Take Home – Pay Later plans feature no interest ever.  ChooseOnce Finance for 24 months interest free terms and no depositrequired.

 With finance package options to match your needs and budget, it’s easier than ever to start enjoying the numerous benefits of a relaxing spa right now.

 Contact Us to discuss finance options that make the excitement of owning a spa reality.

 7 Benefits of Owning a Spa

 1.    Stress Relief – A soothing soak in a hot spa is proven to counteract stress and its effects on the body according to Alternative Medicine Solutions.

 2.    Back Pain / Muscle Injury Relief – Studies published by the British Journal of Rheumatology support the theory that spa therapy has both short and long term relief benefits.

3.    Arthritis – According to the Arthritis Foundation, regular sessions in your spa helps keep joints moving, restores strength and contributes to flexibility.

 4.    Restful Sleep – A spa soak does wonders for helping you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
5.    Family Fun – Spas are a natural magnet for family togetherness. Your kids suddenly start joining you in the spa every chance they get.

 6.    Romantic Evenings – It’s unlikely that a couple would argue in a spa surrounded by subdued lighting.  A soothing soak in toasty spa water is better than anything else to spark romance.  

 7.    Total Relaxation – Imagine escaping to your spa in the evening and melting your stress away as you look up at the twinkling stars.

 Spas enhance your sense of well-being, stimulating the sensations of relaxation, freshness and cleanliness.  Proven independent studies reveal that warm water massages naturally stimulate the release of endorphins creating a wonderful feeling of euphoria.  It is truly an experience like no other to get you ready and able to tackle life’s challenges.

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